Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm not good at these!

Well I decided to get on this thing so friends and family will know about the crazy Confortis. I'm not the best at writing but this will be a good way to sort of have a journal of some sorts, only everyone can read it.

Anyway things are going good right now! Mike graduates from BYU this June and then heads to ROTC camp for 6 weeks this summer. Im sooo ready for him to finally be done so we can finally get out of this place. Utah just isn't my ideal place to live at all! I will be moving to Oregon in may I am leaving the 24th with my girls. Mike has camp at Ft. Lewis in washington and we can't go with him but but but this is exciting on his last day of camp my husband will be commissioning. That just means he becomes and officer in the United States Army. It's really exciting to us because it has been one LONG road, he has worked so hard and I'm so proud of him. The girls and I aren't allowed to be with him thats why we are staying with my parents. After camp we aren't too sure where we will be headed but when I know I will update!

I feel so blessed to have my wonderful little family. Kadee will be 3 in Sept and Kloe turns 2 months on the 20th which I think is tomorrow. I actually get more done having 2 kids than I did when it was just Kadee. Kinda funny how that works. Mike and I finally got their pics done 2 days ago. Laura Dalton who is Cami's sister took them and they are amazing!! When I get them back from her I will definitely post them on here. Anyway Hi to everyone and I hope I get to hang out with my old Oregon friends this summer!!!!!!


Groovy Gardners said...

good job on the blog Jess!!! i can't wait to see the pictures! so post them already will ya? !!!
have a good day. see ya at old navy in a little bit! oh yah, i get more done with 2 kids too! crazy!

Daniel and Tiffany Ward said...

We were going to have another baby (but unfortunately we miscarried) and the whole ward knew about it. EVERYONE came up to us and told us that it was easier to have two kids than one. We are hoping to soon find that out for ourselves, but that's funny that you both said it too.