Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I hope Everyone enjoyed the holidays, we did! We were really lazy and just enjoyed being with eachother. We Move to Ft. Campbell in 2 weeks into our new home that is almost done being built. We are really excited to have a place of our own. Mike is currently in Airborne school, next week he will be jumping out of airplanes. Im a bit nervous about it, Im sure he will be fine but it is still DANGEROUS! For all of you HGTV lovers we will be on House Hunters. We start filming in about a week so we are pretty excited about that. Other than that not much else is really going on, we are just going crazy trying to get our house in order for filming.

The girls' spread of presents

Homeade pizza for christmas eve

funny pic of Georgia

Kadee loving her art desk from santa

Kloe vacuuming in her car with her baby and her bunny

my crazy girls

This is how she sleeps

She was really quiet one day so i went off to look for her and i found her in the closet sitting up asleep!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Overload update

I dont even know where to begin...

Mike graduated from Ranger school and my parents and his parents came to support him in this Huge event. We were so glad that they came! Mike is so happy to be done and has been trying to relax and get his body back in working order and get his muscles back. He will go to airborne school in the beginning of January and then as soon as he is done with that we will be moving to Clarksville Tennessee where we just bought our first house!!

We went last weekend to go house hunting and found a great family home. We are having it built so we were able to choose everything inside and out. That was fun! We are excited to get there and move into our first home where we can actually put our Mike and Jessica touch on it.

Christmas is approaching fast and the girls are really excited. Kadee wants everything she sees and Kloe wants everything sissy wants. We are hopefully getting our Christmas tree today which Kadee hasnt stopped talking about. She is really excited to decorate the tree!

Kadee is doing really well at school and is doing a little better at home. She is still crazy and has trouble listening but what 4 year old doesnt. She constantly makes us laugh and constantly makes us question our parenting. She is very very smart and has an incredible photographic memory! She just lately loves to sing, she knows all her cartoon theme songs by heart! She also loves to tell stories, we usually tell her a story at bedtime and now she can pretty much tell us the stories so it's fun, her favorite story is the one my dad made up for us as kids, the Grandma the wolf and the pie!

When we got back from our trip to Tennessee on Sunday she went to go put some new panties on and went to her drawer and this is her reaction " OH NO! somebody took all my panties, Daddy it was the panty tooker, they took my panties and I want them back, mean panty tooker!" that was something we have never heard before, gave us quite a laugh! Apparently the panty tooker takes little girls panites!

Kloe is very much in her terrible twos but not quite two. She is so sweet and loving, loves to cuddle with you on the couch and loves to give huggies and kissies but dont cross her because it's not pretty! Has has a mean streak in her, sometimes Kadee wont even do anything but look at her wrong and Kloe will flat out slap her in the face or jump her. She is meaner than Kadee most of the time. It's sort of funny to watch. Kloe loves to be just like her sister, she wants to do everything sissy does and never with any help. They girls definitely have a love-hate relationship! Kloe talks ALL the time now. She was going to speech therapy for awhile which helped a lot. She is all caught up for her age now so I stopped taking her because that was my goal, it jump started her and now she is flying with it all by herself.

Both girls are so fun and we are so blessed to have them in our lives!

Merry Christmas Everyone and happy holidays! I hope everyone enjoys time with family wherever you may be!

the turkey would survive the holidays if it blended into our family, so Kadee and i made a Ranger turkey!

Kloe and mama and monkey Joes bounce place

Kadee had a blast sliding down

Kadee got her soccer trophy

We went to Fuddruckers and Mike got the biggest Hamburger they make, I think it was a whole pound of meat and then add on cheese and veggies and french fries... He ate all of it! Gross!

Mike and I at Ranger Graduation

A typical mike and jess picture, either im making a face or he is

Mikes parents

My parents

Mike and Kyle

The coveted "Ranger Tab"

Monday, November 9, 2009


I found out last night that Mike has completed and is graduating from ranger school!!!!

***************** HE PASSED *********************

The girls and I are very very excited to be with him again! He said that he is skin and bone which I dont doubt so I will have to nurse him back to health! Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers! He graduates on friday!!!! GO RANGER MIKE!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mike update

So I waited ALL DAY yesterday for a phone call from him wondering if he passed or not. I was even afraid to take a shower on the off chance I would miss the call. Finally at 7:45pm I got the call.

HE PASSED!!!!!!!

He passed the mtn phase and is very exhausted and tired. They were getting around 15 minutes of sleep every night, repelling down cliffs in pitch black at night, hallucinating due to lack of sleep, and just all around tore up. Mike has cellulitis in both knees, trench foot on both feet and his hands are cut up to the point that when he puts them in fists they all open and bleed. he is very glad to be done with the mountains and move on to Florida. He has 2 weeks left of the course and 3 weeks left overall. He needs to pass one patrol to graduate so I have high high hopes!
Keep him in your prayers! thanks

Thursday, October 22, 2009

not much is going on

right now we are waiting to hear from mike to see if he has passed mtn phase. He is supposed to call tomorrow and let us know, i got a letter yesterday saying things werent going well for him so im really nervous. if he recycles that will take me from only having 3 weeks left to having 7 weeks. NO!!!! Please keep him in your prayers!

The girls and I haven't done much. Kadee goes to school and kloe goes to her speech therapy and thats about it. Oh and Kadee has soccer now too. Basically we are just waiting for mike to come home and be with us. We miss him a lot, it's hard having ZERO communication with him!

Kadees class at school had a book parade today where they dress up as their favorite character from a book and walk outside to show themselves off. I had to make decorate a cereal box for her to take that they were going to put candy in. I went a little crazy with her box but i loved how it turned out, everyone else just threw some construction paper and paper plates to theirs mine was a bit different.

Friday, September 25, 2009

5 Years

I just wanted to give a shout out to my main squeeze Mike! Today is our 5th anniversary! in total we have been together for 1 1/2 of them so Im kinda used to him being gone but it still sucks! I cant believe how fast 5 years has gone! I feel like we just got married. We have two wonderful little girls a dog and we have lived in a million different places. Everyday brings a new adventure some good and some bad but we always have find fun in the journey. we have been married for 5 years now which has gone by too fast but my absolute favorite part is knowing we have an endless number ahead of us! Mike is my best friend my husband my everything! He will always be my #1. I Love you babe! He has been gone at Ranger school for the last 2 weeks and i havent heard anything which is a good thing. i got a 4 sentence letter telling me that the first week was the worst week of his life, I feel so bad but this is something he has always wanted and needs to do!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

09-09-09 Kadee turns 4

Kadee turned four! She is obsessed with birthdays and was so excited that it was finally her birthday. She kept singing "happy birthday" to herself all day long! We had a ton to do yesterday because mike leaves for ranger school on sunday but we still tried to make it fun for her. We took her to chucke cheese and she loved it. We only usually go once a year usually on her birthday so its a real treat for her. She ran wild! I cant believe how big she is now, shes scarily smart and funny and is a good big sister most days and loves her family! We love having Kadee in our family! Happy Birthday Kadee we love you!

one day old on daddys chest