Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I hope Everyone enjoyed the holidays, we did! We were really lazy and just enjoyed being with eachother. We Move to Ft. Campbell in 2 weeks into our new home that is almost done being built. We are really excited to have a place of our own. Mike is currently in Airborne school, next week he will be jumping out of airplanes. Im a bit nervous about it, Im sure he will be fine but it is still DANGEROUS! For all of you HGTV lovers we will be on House Hunters. We start filming in about a week so we are pretty excited about that. Other than that not much else is really going on, we are just going crazy trying to get our house in order for filming.

The girls' spread of presents

Homeade pizza for christmas eve

funny pic of Georgia

Kadee loving her art desk from santa

Kloe vacuuming in her car with her baby and her bunny

my crazy girls

This is how she sleeps

She was really quiet one day so i went off to look for her and i found her in the closet sitting up asleep!


Andrea said...

He'll do great, Jessica! The scariest part for me was when Joe had to do the night jumps. I was so glad to get his call that it had gone well. Congrats on the house--living away from post is different, (feels less like being in the military--we NEVER go to post) but owning your own home is so fun! Enjoy yourself!


You and I must have had the same idea recently! I just finally updated our holidays too. I love your pics! Mike will do great and hopefully the panty-tooker will give Kadee her panties back. That was hilarious!! I can just hear her...

Groovy Gardners said...

SO CUTE! I can't believe how big you girls are getting! I need to get mine that cute car.....and HELLO....I did not picture georgia THAT BIG!!! I love her! looks like you had a fun christmas!


Yikes! Jumping out of planes?!
How cool that you will be on HGTV! We totally watch that show - how did you get hooked up with that?? Do you know when it will air yet?

arcticfox said...

Your episode of House Hunters was on again last night! What a nice blog. I hope that you stop in and update it soon.

Merry Christmas from Anchorage, Alaska ~♥~

Suzanne said...

Your episode was on in Michigan today! I couldnt help but Google your family!!! Thanks for the Blog!!! I hope you all are well and I just wanted to thank your husband and your family for his service. Beautiful girls and I loved your episode! I picked #1 for you too!
Suzanne, White Lake MI
March 22, 2013