Thursday, September 10, 2009

09-09-09 Kadee turns 4

Kadee turned four! She is obsessed with birthdays and was so excited that it was finally her birthday. She kept singing "happy birthday" to herself all day long! We had a ton to do yesterday because mike leaves for ranger school on sunday but we still tried to make it fun for her. We took her to chucke cheese and she loved it. We only usually go once a year usually on her birthday so its a real treat for her. She ran wild! I cant believe how big she is now, shes scarily smart and funny and is a good big sister most days and loves her family! We love having Kadee in our family! Happy Birthday Kadee we love you!

one day old on daddys chest


Ceri said...

Hi Conforti family, I found your blog from someone elses, I am glad that you haven't gone private yet! It is sure fun to see you all! And your family is so cute!:) I hope that things are great! we have a blog too, if you want to check it out, my email is if you want to add me to your private list, that would be great! I can not believe that you have a four year old already! That is so crazy!:)