Thursday, September 10, 2009

Best Beach trip EVER!

So we went to the beach and had lots of fun! Mike and i are from the west coast where the water is COLD so it was so awesome to play in water that was warm! The girls loved playing at the beach and loved going fishing and seeing dolphins. It was a great family vacation!

the first time we have ever been to Florida!

The side view from our balcony

The front view of our balcony... the golf course. Mike obviously booked our hotel!

pretty sunrise

Mike yelling at me to stop taking pictures and come help him

The beach is soooo crowded

She really almost fell asleep here, she was very tired from playing so hard

Kadee of course wanted to be buried too. Im a bad mother and couldnt resist making her a bit chesty

Kloe in her cute suit

enjoying their seafood

Big boat restaurant

going out on the boat to go fishing

Cpt Don was nice and took a pic of us

Mike and his 15 pound Bonita fish

our 50+ pounds of mackrel



I can't get over how white the sand is there!! I have never been to the east coast and Florida is definitely on my list of "must-see" places. Fun trip!