Thursday, September 3, 2009

why Kadee why?

She did it again for the millionth time. Yes that is her hair all over the place and that isnt all of it. you cant tell in the pics of her head how bad it actually is, its REALLY bad unfixable cut to the scalp. atleast she left some down at the bottom! She cut some off the sides too, so the only way to make it not completely noticable is to pull it all up but even then it all pokes out everywhere so she has about 6 clips in her hair always now!

The other day Kadee got bored and decided to Have a snow day! She dumped out the entire contents of a foot powder bottle, the poor dog was sleeping in the closet and got snowed on but didnt even wake up for it. The picture again didnt do the damage any justice, i vacuumed forever and its still all over!

Last night we think Kadee turned on the gas on the stove and left it on ALL NIGHT. I woke up so many times last night and had some crazy weird loopy dreams and everytime i woke up and smelled something weird. finally at about 3am i realized what the smell was, GAS and ran to the kitchen and saw the gas was on. our entire house was filled and it was awful, i wasnt sure if it was bad for us or not so i googled it and said we could be poisoned or something and that we needed to call the fire department because we could explode. FREAKY! Mike of course blew it off and said we were fine, and went back to sleep. Once the windows were opened it got better and i was able to breathe better. Im so grateful that I was finally able to realize what was going on, we were truly blessed that we didnt blow up last night!



Oh my goodness! It's just non-stop at your house... you must be a very patient mom. I'm sorry about Kadee's hair - little kid's hair grow back quick, right? Right?? For your sake I hope so! And turning on the gas - that's scary. I would be more worried about carbon dioxide poisoning (I think that's what comes from a gas "leak") than the house exploding. Be careful - that's some dangerous stuff!

Brittany Haynes said...

That's crazy! You are a strong mommy! I haven't had to deal with too much craziness yet!
The stove thing is scary too! I bumped ours in TX and it must have turned on a little and I woke up feeling groggy in the middle of the night and checked, and realized! We were lucky too! Yikes!
I love reading your blog and hearing about what you are up to! You have a very cute family! :)