Thursday, October 22, 2009

not much is going on

right now we are waiting to hear from mike to see if he has passed mtn phase. He is supposed to call tomorrow and let us know, i got a letter yesterday saying things werent going well for him so im really nervous. if he recycles that will take me from only having 3 weeks left to having 7 weeks. NO!!!! Please keep him in your prayers!

The girls and I haven't done much. Kadee goes to school and kloe goes to her speech therapy and thats about it. Oh and Kadee has soccer now too. Basically we are just waiting for mike to come home and be with us. We miss him a lot, it's hard having ZERO communication with him!

Kadees class at school had a book parade today where they dress up as their favorite character from a book and walk outside to show themselves off. I had to make decorate a cereal box for her to take that they were going to put candy in. I went a little crazy with her box but i loved how it turned out, everyone else just threw some construction paper and paper plates to theirs mine was a bit different.


Groovy Gardners said...

HOW ARE YOUR GIRLS!!! kloe looks so old and she has tons of hair now! Kaddee super cute too and looks like such a cool girl! I think you did an incredable job on that box!!!! you are soooo crafty....maybe you would like to have a segment on "cami's craft corner" ha ha

The Simmons Bunch said...

Wow! Looking at the pics of Kaddee out on the soccer field brings back lots of memories from when we use to play together. Kaddee reminds me so much of you out on the soccer field, Minus of course the glasses. :) How fun! I can't wait to put Isaac in soccer! I hope everything went well with Mike and you get to hear from him soon!