Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a Mix of it all

Right now we are just trying to get our things together for the movers, they come on monday. We are getting excited to Move and to go see some friends and Family in Utah before we make the rest of the trek to Georgia. Cami and DJ will be our host, Thanks in advance to them for letting us stay with them, it will be lots of fun! We finally found an apt to live in so lots of stress has been lifted off my shoulders! Kadee and Kloe continue to make us laugh and smile everyday, We have two wonderful little girls!

On Monday we were driving and talking to Kadee about what she learned at church, Jesus made the plants and trees and flowers etc... She saw a billboard with pizza on it and said " Who made the pizza?......Hmmmm..... I know The animals made the pizza for Jesus!" She's a funny little girl!

Kadee loves her Daddy and loves that she put the basket on his head!

mike was thrilled to be wearing this!

Kloe LOVES oreos!


mike had to get the spiderman masks

Shes a big girl now!

My brother Gabe (he's single almost 29 and loves kids, any takers?)

They both have s set of some Big buns! so cute!

The price you pay of being a little sister, fat lip!

Watch out!



how funny! I love Mike's expression with the basket "hat". I can't believe how big your girls are.

If your brother will be in Utah anytime soon, I have a friend who is single, super cute, (tall) a returned missionary, and available. She's even already done with school and is teaching. If he wants her number and a picture, let me know...


i love their bums!