Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kids N trips don't mix!

So this last week the nutso Jones family had a little reunion on the Oregon coast. Everyone came, all 5 kids, 2 spouses, all 8 grandkids and my parents, thats 17 people total if your counting. My parents rented a reallynice beach house located right out of newport, its actually owned by the Arnolds for those of you who know who they are. It was a great house, wonderful for large families!

Anyway Sunday when everyone finally got to my parents house we had the Bishop come over so we could bless our little Kloe. It was the coolest thing to have such an intimate family setting for a baby blessing, it is sooo much better than to have it done at church. Mike gave Kloe a beautiful blessing, she was promised so many wonderful gifts and is to have many important missions in her life. I feel so blessed to be her mother.

Monday we took family pics which sucked cause I just saw them and I look like a whale! I dont want to be reminded all the time how bad I looked after I had Kloe. After pics we headed to the coast. Things were good only just a little crazy but as the week went on the kids got crazier and kept feeding off of eachothers energy and we kept getting a little more agitated with eachother. It was fun, we definitely created some great memories but I'm sure glad 's over! We went crabing, which the kids thought was the coolest thing ever. They loved watching the crabs walk sideways, and also we caught 3 starfish. One of the starfish was a huge purple one, it was really cool looking so sara decided to take it home since Lola is learning about that stuff at school. I wasn't fond of that idea because ultimately all they would be doing is killing it which I think is sad. We stayed up late playing games and one of the nights we even played a little hold 'em with m&ms. It was kinda funny watching my dad have a poker face. We of course went down to the beach and played, we dug in the sand had frisbees and chrissy and I played chicken seeing who could go out farther in the water. That was fun but I can handle only so much sand. Our last night we built a bonfire on the beach and had smores, it was a good ending to the week. I forgot the best part..... My parents had a huge surprise for the kids. My dad dressed up as Noah and told them the story of the ark and all the animals. They made cut outs of animals for the kids to hold and after they gave each one of the kids a present which contained pajamas that had ocean themes on them, and my mom made the cutest blankets for them. Each blanket was different, one side had this ctr fabric with all different colors of kids ( since we have all the colors of the spectrum in our family it was perfect), and then on the other side my mom picked out different fleeces for each kid and then had different satin edging for each one too. They are absolutely perfect and the kids LOVED them!

So that was my week in Oregon, Im back in utah now only to pack up my house and move back to Oregon for who knows how long. Thats my update for now, nothing too interesting I know but oh well. I always forget the funny things.......... sorry!


Manda said...

We will have to get together when you are here!

Roxy said...

Sound like a fun time.