Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hmmmm don't know what to call this one

Nothing all that exciting here. We are getting ready to move next month and still trying to find a place to live. Kloe will be turning one next week so look for those pictures. I dont know of any good photographers here so I think I might have someone in utah take our family pics and kloes one year pics while we drive through. Here is some updated pictures of the girls. also I took some video of the girls but im not sure how to upload those on here, can someone share the info so i can put those on here?

kadee making messes as usual, we had to add the hat

My grandparents , we were trying to do the 4 generations, didnt work out

Cutest picture EVER! She ran away while I was trying to change her diaper, this is how I found her

Mike and TD snowboarding

The girl loves to splash

She LOVED riding the vacuum

one of the MANY messes kadee makes throughout the day

Kloe and her FAVORITE ( my mom or meme)

Kadee and Mike

Kloe and Mike

My first attempt at homeade bread, it turned out PERFECTLY!



Nice bread! Seems like Kadee likes to have a LOT of fun!! Great pictures! I hope your move goes smoothly next month!