Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It has been an amazing 2 weeks!! Kadee is now finally potty trained! For all of you parents out there trying, you have hope!! I know a lot of you have heard the stories, it has been a long long long road with this little girl. She has been a tough cookie to figure out, I've learned the she is not one I can push or even guide in the direction I want her to take but rather I have to let her choose her path and let her learn on her own time what it is she wants. Once we got to Georgia things clicked with her and she decided that she no longer wanted to wear diapers and wanted to be a Big Girl! Thats really all it took, we had one or 2 accidents the first day and then none the next. The first night without a diaper she had an accident and came to me in the middle of the night heart broken because she has peed on her princess blanket. She was seriously so sad that she did that, since then she has not had an accident at night at all. Life is seriously AWESOME having only one in diapers! Good Job Kadee we Love you!!!

On another note, I know I havent blogged about us getting to Georgia so I guess I will update. Mike has started IOBC (Infantry Officer Basic course) and seems to be doing really well. He is gone A LOT! From 4:30 am to sometimes 9pm. The girls are having a difficult time adjusting to somedays not seeing daddy at all but this isnt forever so it will be ok. Georgia is very pretty, it's very green and warm and very humid. 90-95% humidity everyday! The base is nice and huge and we have nice neighbors with lots of parks near by for the girls. The weather here is either really nice or really stormy. About a week or so ago mike and i were watching a movie and it was really really stormy outside. It was making me nervous, Kadee was scared because the wind was so strong it was rattling her window, i ended up pulling her bed the the opposite side of the room away from the window. A few minutes later Sirens go off outside, That really made me nervous but I didnt know what they were for. We called a friend and he told us the they were TORNADO sirens. Are you kidding me, I was then freaking out! I come from a land where we dont have severe weather or crazy weird snakes or insects that can kill you just looking at them. Not only did theses sirens go off once they went off 4 times that night. The next day we found out that a tornado did touch down on base and it ripped up tons of 100 year old trees straight from the roots. CRAZY!!! Apparently we are supposed to go into our bathroom and pray that we dont die, which somehow doesnt seem like the safest thing but thats all they got for us!

So nothing really going on here other than that stuff. I got our family pics which we love and I will get them up here soon. We are going to Disney on ice this weekend as a present for Kadees accomplishment. She is soooooooo excited, I guess im excited too, we dont do stuff like this that often so it should be fun! Kloe is starting to walk now and loves it but still crawls most of the time only because its faster for her, shes a little speedster! I will get some pics up soon of where we live and what it looks like all that stuff! that all for now!



Congrats on the potty training! We have yet to even attempt that little adventure. No need for extra battles!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you guys are doing so good. I am excited for you!



Good job Jess! Hope you make some good friends fast. Sounds like you have some great neighbors to start with!

Hayley (and Kyle) said...

Oh no!!!! I had a feeling I should call you today, I was bored out of my mind--- but Not only is Kyle's phone completely lost somewhere by the barracks, but mine doesn't work now at all. (makes it very tricky to share a car with zero phones!) I hope you guys are doing alright, and that the black poops pass quickly. Talk to you soon!