Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Disney Fun

We had a lot of fun at Disney on ice, well the girls and I loved it and Mike was a good sport. Kadees never been to disneyland so this was AWESOME to her to be so close to all her favorites!

Things here are relatively good, Mike has been gone for the past 2 weeks but atleast gets to come home on the weekends so its not too bad at all. Mike seems to be doing well with his training, this beginning stuff is basically beginner stuff so he is excited for IOBC to really start, he is most excited for Ranger school and trains extra hard so he will do really well. The girls and I are enjoying the REALLY warm weather here and I am trying to keep myself busy. So far no friends made which is a bummer, its not much fun to be here by yourself. Right now we are still going to Hawaii but are still on the lookout for someone to trade with.

Kadee is as busy as ever, nothing new there. She is very funny but also very defiant, she is definitely her own person and doesnt like anyone to help her with anything. Shes been having a bunch of meltdowns lately and i think its due to Mike being gone A LOT. The girls dont see him very much and its hard on them. I hate to say this but its something they will have to get used to, he will be gone a lot more than this so hopefully it will pass and we will learn to enjoy our time with him.

Kloe is walking EVERYWHERE and still does not talk. she points and grunts, shes very smart though she knows hoe to get across what she wants without talking, its pretty funny. You can ask her all sorts of questions and she will nod yes or no, ive tried everything to try and get her to say something. Shes my saving grace, when i have a really tough day with Kadee she always can make me smile and lighten my mood.

the front curtain

all ready for the show to start

She got pick out a souveneir and chose the tinkerbell outfit i couldve easily made for 1/4 of the price, thats what you get for going to a disney show, $$$$$$$

Kadee blew a kiss to Cinderella and Cinderella touched her heart and smiled, so cute she was so excited!

Snow Whites beautiful dress

Ariels dress

she was sooo tired

Kadee is using mikes strength shoes and showing off her "Man Muscles"

kloe is already getting into trouble!



Wow! It looks like you had great seats for Disney on Ice... how fun! And they even had CARS - Ethan would've loved that part. I love Kadee's "muscle man" pose! :)

And I'm sure you will make friends soon... you are very likable! (I'm amazed, though, that you don't already have a tight group of buds like on 'Army Wives'... I thought that was a pretty "accurate" depiction of army life - right?!?! ;)


How fun! I love all those pictures.

Maybe the next time you are at church, scope out the girls you think would be fun to get to know and have a 'ladies night' after you put the girls to bed. Then their husbands can babysit while you have fun with their wives and make some friends. My sister did that when she first moved to Idaho and I thought it was a great idea. You'll make friends in no time!