Saturday, August 30, 2008


I'm just really excited that football is starting again. I am a huge sports girl and I LOVE to watch college football especially my DUCKS. They play tonight against the Huskies, BOO HUSKIES! Hopefully we will have a really good year!! GO DUCKS!!!!!!


Emily and Tate said...

Hey speaking of U of O football, Tate and I are going to be in Eugene for the U of O vs. BSU football game! I haven't been back to Eugene in 5 years! Are you still going to be in town???

Anonymous said...

Howdy, Mikey, Jessica and girls! This is Mikey's "Aunt Nomi." (Jill and I have been best buds since high school.) Today Randy sent me your link and I got a kick out of your life stories. Your girls are the spit and image of Baby Mikey. Once I saw the close up of Jessica, though, I could see Mommy in the girls, too. What a GORGEOUS family! You are all too pretty to be in one group! Jessica, my little girl (Erin, now 12) had somewhat similar night problems. They weren't as severe as "night terrors," but just one level lower than that. Erin would "wake up" in the middle of the night, but she was in a trance and would babble about unrealistic, nonsensical things, and CRY, CRY, CRY. It was very distressing. Eventually, I learned to tape record her favorite show, "Teletubbies," and pop them in the VCR for her. It would distract and calm her for a while. Another great distraction was to take Erin outside. The change in atmosphere and temperature would calm her--but not before the neighbors heard her cry! Well, I just put a rocking chair on the front porch and we all got used to it. Eventually Erin outgrew it. What else can I say except follow docs advice and ride it out! Erin is now a "teenybopper" at the Jonas Brothers' concert! Waaa! I miss the toddler years. Much love from Jocelyn--"Aunt Nomi"--in Florida.

Tolman Family said...

Hey Jes!

ONLY raw fruits and veggies and water. 5 or 7 days, it's up to you. Some people go for 20 days. No cooked, grilled, seasoned anything unless it's flavored with raw fruits and veggies. No juices unless you make it yourself or it's 100% fresh and no added anything. Veggies and fruits are usually cooked to make juices.

It was pretty much one of the hardest things to do. I'll send you some recipes that I used to get me through the week. By day 4 we were feeling pretty tired and drained so we added raw walnuts and almonds. NO SALTS OR SUGARS! All RAW! :) Good luck with it. Just remember, this is good for you. You actually realized when your hungry or just want to eat. You realize how little you actually need to eat throughout the day and also resets your taste buds. You first drink of juice or soda will blow you away with the awful taste of sweetness. It's amazing. We've kept about half of the weight off but we only lost around 8lbs. If you went longer you'd probably lose a lot more. Let me know how it goes.