Monday, September 22, 2008

Little bit of EVERYTHING!!

**** WARNING**** really long and contains lots of pics

well we did get our orders but not all of them. First off Mike branched Infantry which is what he wanted and is really excited about it. That means we will be heading off to Fort Benning Georgia. He has training to do there for 6 months to a year and here's the real kicker we don't leave for Georgia until APRIL of 2009, thats 7 months away. Kill me now!! The second part is that since his BOLC II dates are so far away we won't find out our duty station until sometime around January. So until then Mike will be working at University of Oregon doing gold bar recruiting and working with the ROTC. Lucky for us though we have some good friends who have the exact same dates as us so we won't be there alone and Mike will have a good friend to do his training with!! See you guys there Kyle and Hayley!

Thank you to Hayley Baum for the photo I swiped off of her Blog page!!

Fun Pics...

I was trying to take a pic of Mike and I but this is what I got

Kadee and Kloe sliding down the stairs on her blow up bed last night. They both LOVED it, Kadee probably went down atleast 50 times!! It was a good way to make her tired!

Old Friends...

Saturday night Emily, Amanda, Andrea and I had a little reunion. It's been about 5 or 6 years since we have all been together in the same place, it was a lot of fun talking and catching up with everyone. Amanda has a little girl named Katie who is my Kadees age and they had a lot of fun together being silly!!

Me , Andrea, Amanda, Emily

They went crazy with these balloons

Kloe's 7 months...

Kadee turned 3!! . . .

Well Kadee is now 3!! We took her to Chucke Cheese and she had a blast and came home and had cake and ice cream and opened presents. she got princess dolls from meme and papa and got a cool Barbie bike from Mike and I and she loves to ride it really fast! Unfortunately we had a ton more pics but they got ruined which makes me really sad so these are all we have.

My goofy dad

The bike has a smaller bike on the handle bar you put a barbie on so your barbie rides her bike on your barbie bike, its pretty cute!

Mike teaching Kadee to ride the bike, it took her all of 3 seconds to learn

oops forgot the helmet

Re-siding my parents house

The siding on my parents house was pretty bad so they decided to redo it themselves. Mike worked 13 our days for the past 3 weeks finishing it, I even helped a bit my self. Kudos to Mike and my dad for getting it done, this was no easy task!!

This is me Caulking the siding
You can't tell how high mike is but he is about 4 stories high

You get a better picture here on how high he is

Helping Mike put the siding up

Unfortunately we found some dry rot and mold along the way so we had to destroy and redo the bathrooms

Garrett and I hanging out of a hole in the house


Anna Allred said...

W-O-W!!! You guys sure have a lot going on. Happy Birthday to Kadee!! Ahhh, 3...a magical age!

So Ft. Bening for now...what's Mike going to do with the Infantry? Is he still going to work in the JAG office and be over infantry units, or will he be in the infantry unit?

Glad you posted all the pictures!

Tolman Family said...

I FOUND YOU! Life looks great! You look great! Your kids are beautiful!

Blair and Leslie said...

We totally need to hang out once I move. Maybe it will happen now because we will actually see each other enough in order to make plans.

Emily and Tate said...

It was great to hang out with you even for a brief time. You have an amazing little family Jess! Hopefully we won't fo another six years!

Groovy Gardners said...

When are you ever going to come and visit! Hello, it's been a long time already. we are feeling a little lonely down here, and you are getting together with all our old friends! I wish i could turn 3 again, kadee got some cool stuff. Violet misses Kloe! Hint hint hint!!!!

April said...

Jessi! You look amazing! I can't believe you have two kids! It still kind of seems like you were just living down the hall from me in the JSA... So crazy.