Sunday, November 2, 2008


I bought a camera!!! I have been picture happy since I've had it which has been all of 2 or 3 days now. I didn't want to miss anymore funny memories with these girls cause they grow so fast. We are doing great here. Mike is working at the University of Oregon and I stay at home with the girls. We are trying to enjoy this time we have together before we are whisked off to training and whatever else is in store for the next couple of years. I know we will be pretty busy and probably won't have tons of time together so we are trying to enjoy what we have now and take advantage of our built in babysitters! We are going to go visit Mikes family in California for Thanksgiving and are excited about that. We are thinking of maybe taking her to Disneyland so she can meet all of her favorite princesses. we will see though! Anyway really nothing new here hope everyone else is doing good!

Kadee got a Shiner!

My parents were babysitting and Kadee was really bad so they hit her! No I'm kidding she was running and my mom was trying to stop her and she ran into the rocking chair. Her eye looks pretty bad, the flash lightens it up so it doesn't look that bad in the pics, it's a lot worse in person. I think it's kinda funny, it sorta fits her personality!

Kloe is crawling now and she LOVES it

Mike is trying to put cheese on me

Mike is training Kloe, she can do more push ups than I can!

all of Kadees Halloween loot!

Mikes pumpkin

My dads pumpkin... Kinda funny lookin he did this free hand thats why the cat is so skinny!

My pumpkin is throwing up!

She hated her costume!

She was supposed to be a kitty cat, you can see the face but look at the claws on this they look more like they belong to a mountain lion or a yetti. from the back she looks like an ewok!! It was a garage sale costume my mom bought. I thought it was too funny to pass up!

This is how Kloe says Hi... She waves and she does it ALL the time! it's really cute! At the end you can hear her say mama. It's the first time she's said it, I can't believe i caught it on camera!! After she said it she wouldn't stop saying it all night cause every time she said it i always came over to her! She a smarty!


AsH* said...

Hey Jessica!
I am not sure how I found your blog but I am glad I did!! I am so happy to see you are all doing great and what a precious family you have,

Ashley (Cumiford)Harris

Roxy said...

So cute!! Why oh Why do they have to grow so fast.