Monday, November 10, 2008

Random FUN!

Now that I have my camera I can update more often. Yay for cameras! This last week I made cookies with the girls, we went to papa's pizza and they have a fun playground for the kids and Kadee LOVED it! Then Mike and I got tickets to to Oregon Duck game where it was pouring down rain the entire game!!! We were soaked from head to toe and I even had a poncho on, it was still really fun though!

Kloe eating her crackers

Kadee sampling the cookie dough

This is probably one of her nicest smiles she has ever given me for a picture!! Notice her cute little apron she got from her Aunt Pissy (Chrissy). Every time I'm in the kitchen she wants to wear it so she can help me cook!

Stirring the cookie dough

One of her latest drawings. She got in BIG trouble. This is the wall right by the front door, she used an old sharpie thats why it isn't as dark as it could be. She didn't understand why she was in so much trouble because she said she was drawing a picture of mommy and daddy. I'm wondering which one is mommy and which one is daddy. Hopefully I'm not the one with the ginormous teeth!

A better pic of her black eye. It's been over a week and she still has it

Kadee in the ball pit at papa's pizza


The drenched stadium

Me in my awesome poncho with my awesome hubby Mike

If you look closely the band people spell out OREGON on the field. I thought it was cool!


Anna Allred said...

Oooh fun! You guys look busy and happy! That's exciting.

Happy Veteran's Day!

Roxy said...

Looks like fun even in the rain. And you are still tue one of the cutest couples ever!