Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving road trip

We went down to Mikes parents for Thanksgiving down in southern California. Mike and I dropped the girls off and then headed to vegas for a few days. We had so much fun. We stayed at the Venetian (which is the very place we said "I love you" to each other for the first time) in a really nice suite and went indoor skydiving which was a blast! We saw Le Reve and the blue man group and we went to the vegas version of the Price is Right and I won lunch for two at the Eiffel tower! It was so nice being together and relaxing just enjoying ourselves! We came back and had a nice thanksgiving and then everyone got sick! By the time mike and I got it we were supposed to be leaving for home and we got soooo sick that there was no way we could leave. We got the 24 hr flu and everyone else threw up like one or twice and they were fine, well mike and i must have gotten it the worst cause we couldn't stop throwing up, I think Mike lost around 8 pounds. As soon as we recovered from that flu I ended up getting some kind of nasty cold that I started to get in the car ride on the way home. I'm still not over it, so I have been sick FOREVER! Thats why I am only now putting this up.

Kadee and her cousins
Roman Kadee and Audrey

Playing outside with Grandpa

Kloe sleeping with her aunt Sierra


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess
Does Kloe walk yet?

Ellie said...
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The Hasnon Family said...

hey Jess your girls are so cute! Chris Cooper and I are coming down this weekend, the 12 -13. we should be there around 5 on friday. We have to get together. Let me know when is good for you

Anna Allred said...

That stinks that you got sick! But on the upside, you look fabulous!