Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthdays Christmas and everything else

I know it's been a long time since I've posted. I lost the cord that connects my camera to the computer, we have to have that here because my parents had a dinosaur for a computer, they bought it back in like 1999. It's OLD! So Mike and I gave them our old one which is brand new for them, we hardly used it. They had 40gigs of memory on the old one and this new one has 300!! So now i don't need the cord i can put my memory card right in!!! Yeah! Anyway Nothing all that exciting in our lives we are just getting everything ready for our upcoming move to Georgia. We don't leave till the end of March but there is a strong possibility that we will leave early. Mike put his name on a list to go early if a slot opens up, all they have to give us is a one week notice, so we are trying to be ready for it. We've been searching for an apt over there which is NOT easy. How do you find a good place without being able to see it before you move in? We wont have anytime to search while we are there, we will only have a couple of days to move in till he starts training, and our number one priority is for him to have everything together and to be prepared, we will NOT have time to run around looking for an apt. They let you stay in the on base hotel for like 3 days and that's it. So I've been hunting and writing lots of emails and we just filled out an application for 3 different places to get our names on the list. Hopefully we get what we want!!

Anyway we had a wonderful Christmas. It was so nice to be with Family. We probably wont be with any family for the next couple of years unless they come to us so it was really nice! We went WAY OVERBOARD with presents for the girls, They got everything they wanted and more! I'm not kidding. We haven't had any money for the last couple of years since Mike has been going to school so I went a little bonkers. Mike and I spoiled eachother too. Lets just say that we had an awesome christmas with presents but we learned that it was a little empty, we definitely could have done a much better Job emphasizing the Christ part of christmas to us and the girls. Next year will be way different.

The pictures are in absolutely no order. First there is us and some of my parents then pics of Kadee then Kloe. I will explain as they go along.

Christmas Eve, all the presents out

Me and my girls

I turned 25! I had a great day, Mike got me a massage and the purse i really wanted. He also tried to take me paintballing.... ummm I said NO, I did not want bruises and paint in my hair at dinner. Maybe another night! I cant believe he thought I would like that, silly Mike such a guy and way too into guns. I guess thats what you get when your husband is in the ARMY.

My NERDY dad singing happy birthday, he's getting way too into it!

Gabe Garrett Mike and I got my parents a tv for christmas for their bedroom. Dont you love their gaping mouths.

Garrett my brother

playing some bball on Christmas eve

Once again my dad being NERDY sitting on santas lap

Mike and I

I was trying to take a pic of us and this is what i got

Mikes new obsession... Rockband on wii, he loves to go on tour and Drum his heart out!

My moms bday, as you can see Kadee was a little tired and wouldnt wake up to blow out candles. we just left her in the highchair


snow on mommys birthday

getting her bag of goodies from the not so 3 wisemen, more like 2 and a holyman (bishop)

a little crack

this is Kadees wildwoman hair. Everytime i do it she takes it out so its useless to keep doing it, shes my little tomboy

Santa brought her a kitchen

Mike is weird! He thinks that stockings are way too small, so he suggested we use pillow cases and decorate them so I just wnet with it but found these huge santa sacks online for $3 and couldnt ressist, I bought 8 for us and our future kids. Mike thinks they are the perfect size. I know they are HUGE!

My little chef

I was not home when this happened. Mike was babysitting his own children but not really watching them. Kadee always does her own thing and is always up to something and it's usually TROUBLE. Scroll down two pics and you will see. I went o grab a spoon when i got home and came to find a drawer thats usually full of silverware completely EMPTY. My first thought is KADEE. I ask her where it was and she replied to me " on the ground" Im not sure what this means and i go out on the deck and look over the side to see ALL the silverware and some other things all over the place. some were even sticking straight up. I ask her why she did this, she replies " I want to go fishing mommy". This is the type of thing kade does everyday!

Kadee and Sofie

One more kadee story. I again am not home. My mom is babysitting this time, not very well. I come home to my mom looking crazed. She tells me that after i left kadee let the dogs out andthey could not find them they were gone for an hour. They finally find the dogs and have to bathe them because they are muddy. My brother garrett comes out of my parents bathroom (they have a huge tub), sees Kadee and starts yelling at my mother " mom get up here NOW!" My mother runs up to find Kadee lighting matches on her bed. Dont ask me how she knows how to do that. she got several of them lit and was having fun blowing them out, thank goodness for that. My mom sends her down for a time out while she cleans up upstairs, she comes down to find kadee dumping out a canister of oatmeal all over the floor. she said she was hungry. Kadee is a fireball with way too much energy and is too smart for her own good. She is our little computer nerd. She can manuever to whatver she wants on the computer, whether its the paint application or on the internet to her favorite games, she moves that little mouse around and can get everywhere, i know SCARY! She has lots of attitude and is very 3 but we love her and she loves to give all of us hugs and kisses! She started primary, she is now out of nursery and is a full fledged sunbeam and LOVES it! She is growing up way too fast!


Kloe will be 1 on Feb 20th. I cant believe how fast this year has gone and how quickle shes grown up. Shes very mobile and loves it, she is our speedy crawler. her favorite thing to do is go as fast as she can to the dog water and splash, if we dont see her without fail she is at the dog water. Funny thing she hates baths, screams and cries and does everything she can to get out, but she loves to splash in dog water. She is always happy and loves to Jump in her crib. We are so grateful for our little Kloe. When I'm having a stressed day because of al the kadee things Kloe can always make me smile. Kloe LOVES her big sister Kadee but sadly the feelings arent mutual yet, Kadee still doesnt like her sister that well. We have days where they are buddies but it's rare!
Kloe and mommy

my mom and the girls

she LOVES to eat

Leslie and Kloe and the ward christmas dinner

she didnt like Santa too much

Kloe is NOT Kadee. Kadee loves to be thrown around and loves to be wild. Kloe has lots of energy like Kadee but hates everything else. she is our little girly girl. I love her face

Santa brought her a train and she loves it

yes all those are hers

i dont know what this face is but its funny looking

Mike was playing rockband and she kept messing him up so he put her in a box to play, i know BAD DADDY. She hated it but it was pretty funny. she wasnt in there for long, dont worry

LOVING her first oreo


Anonymous said...

How fun, your family is so cute. I am so glad that you guys had a good christmas before you left.

Anna Allred said...

WOW! I love all your pictures! I can't believe the difference in hair between girls in the same family. Kadee had nothing and Kloe already has pigtails! It's the same with my girls. Monica had a big bush on her head and Leah has feathers.

You look great! Happy Birthday late!

Fealyclan said...

Hi! I know you don't know me. I found you off of Jake & Lacey's pg. My name is Misty Fealy (Crandall) I actually have known your in laws for a very long time. They have been very close family friends. I used to babysit Mike, Maria, & Christina.
I just have to say...your girls are way cute & look SO Conforti :o]I hope you don't mind me being nosey. You have a great looking family.And good luck with that busy 3 yr.

P.S. Do you have a sister named Lisa Robertson? I'm so bad. I can't believe I'm forgetting her name but she has three boys Kai, Lake?, & her oldest? Anyways,if so, tell her I said hi. she used to watch my son Josh when I was in school.

Roxy said...

I love looking at your blog. You have a cute family. By the way, you are beautiful!!!!


Holy moly!! That is quite the update! Lots of great pictures - you look so good with your hair wavy! I love the pictures of you with your girls - especially in their matching Christmas dresses. It looks like you had a blast for the holidays, between birthdays, family and Christmas. And I can't believe Kloe will be 1 in a month. Wow. Your girls are adorable, although I think Kadee scares me! Is this what I have to look forward to?!?! :)

Groovy Gardners said...

Cute cute cute, and fun fun fun! that is the cutest birthday cake i have ever seen! your girls are adorable as always and you look so fabulouse being blond! i never did look up plane tickets, but dj said we will someday! we sure miss you guys, i wish violet and kloe could play, they even have the same pajamas!