Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So some things have changed recently for us. Mike just finished BOLC II and started IOBC yesterday. He is excited for this part because he will actually be doing something. IOBC is 14 weeks long and then after that he will go to Airborne school which I think is 3 weeks and then he will go to Ranger school. Since we were supposed to be going to Hawaii he wasn't going to Airborne school due to the fact he wasn't going to be in an airborne unit. The Wonderful lovely Army LOVES to keep you guessing and ALWAYS changes things. So instead of going to Hawaii we are now supposed to report to FORT CAMPBELL, KY! Mike is way excited, he will be with the 101st Airborne he really couldn't be happier he was trying so hard to find someone to trade with and the Army just changed his orders without us even knowing. He went to check what unit he would be with in Hawaii and found this wonderful surprise, we were both in complete shock! We are supposed to be there in January.

Funny side note- When I went to look up info on the base I noticed that most of the base is actually in Tennessee not Kentucky so really I'm not sure what state we will live in.


Anonymous said...

Was Kentucky one of the places you had on your top choices? Well, that's exciting. We can't wait to be filled in.


wow, I've heard some things about 101st! That's awesome! And you guys didn't even want Hawaii in the first place. If they are still there when you get to Ft. Campbell, you should look up the Gremms!

Groovy Gardners said...

ha ha! you are so funny! Anywhere you go I am more that happy to come and visit! We really miss you guys!